La fin approche pour Laurent Louis

La fin approche pour Laurent Louis...

Quelques news de ces 5 derniers mois à propos du Onecoin :

"OneCoin suspend Mastercard approvals & withdrawals"
"Swedish police launch preliminary OneCoin investigation"
"OneCoin warning issued by Austrian Consumer Protection"
"OneCoin an “illegal MLM” in Colombia"
"OneCoin’s bungled US trademark application"
"Chinese authorities investigating OneCoin, investors arrested"
"$45.7 million recovered from Chinese OneCoin scammers"
"OneCoin affiliates banned from “vandalizing” Wikipedia"
"OneCoin under regulatory investigation in Germany" suivi de "OneCoin change banks amid German regulatory investigation"
"OneCoin seize Ponzi points from investors (again)"
"Mastercard denounce OneCoin, US event in Chicago"
"OneCoin investors arrested in Bangladesh"
"UnionPay accuse OneCoin of being “inconsistent with facts”"
[b]"OneCoin warning issued by Belgium’s FSMA regulator"[/b]
"OneCoin openly promoted as an investment in the US despite ban"
"OneCoin steals “thousands of dollars” from another affiliate"
"OneCoin’s OneLife YouTube channel terminated (scam policy)"


30/07/16 : J'ai eut des nouvelles de notre belge préféré Laurent Louis. Et il a apparemment trouvé un boulot à la mesure de son talent : vendeur chez Foot Locker.

La fin approche pour Laurent Louis
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